How To Get Rid Of Kidney Stones Naturally And Painlessly, In Just Two Weeks

Kidney stones affect more and more people. The condition consists in the formation of stones in the urinary system. They may be small as a sand grain, but they can also have larger dimensions, as a pea or higher. The size of renal calculi can sometimes be large, requiring surgery.

This treatment is 100% natural and can get rid of this condition in just 2 weeks. Here’s what to do!

You need 15 lemons and 15 eggs. In the morning, on an empty stomach, mix the lemon juice with a raw egg white and drink it immediately. For 30 minutes, don’t drink and don’t eat anything.

This treatment lasts 15 days. What is important is that the stones will be removed without pain. The daily menu shouldn’t include alcohol, fatty foods and salt. You also need to consume special teas that help remove these stones.


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